Mentoring service

Mentoring is a teaching process in the professional field, a training modality in which a person with more experience and knowledge takes part, who assumes the role of mentor, and another person who will receive this training to broaden their skills, the mentee.

Unlike coaching, which focuses on personal development by working on certain limiting attitudes, beliefs or habits; Mentoring focuses more on the professional level, it is a practical teaching tool for a worker to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to perform certain functions.

We join the two specialties coaching and mentoring to be your Mentor Coach and be able to accompany you in a more effective way in achieving your goal.

Mentoring services we offer:

Mentoring for entrepreneurs

We accompany you to create or grow your business. Throughout the mentoring we will see the fundamental pillars of a successful entrepreneurship.

Leadership Mentoring

We accompany you to develop the skills and competencies that every leader should have.

Public Speaking Mentoring

You develop your public speaking skills, getting them to overcome stage fright and become an excellent communicator.

Mentoring in managerial skills

We promote in you those skills and competencies that every successful manager must have.

Tailored mentoring

We design a process that is appropriate to your needs, ensuring that you develop the area that you think is most appropriate.