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Since its inception until now, Traxendi has been offering services and training programs in various disciplines related to personal, professional and business development, among which those related to Coaching, Mentoring, Emotional Intelligence and Public Speaking stand out, with the clear purpose of going creating growth spaces for people and organizations.

Favoring the creation of spaces for learning and research in the personal and professional development of people. With our training programs we enable the integration of knowledge taking into account the emotional, somatic and creative aspect of the human being, facilitating the correspondence of this with their desires, in an environment defined by interconnection.

We have coaching as the basis and the ideal framework for the union of the use of many other tools, aimed at facilitating growth from the confidence in the POTENTIALITIES of the human being. “We are the perfect team for your growth” since we are driven in this project by serving people and companies, in turn connecting with our mission of creating spaces for growth.

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Rafael Cristo


Passionate about entrepreneurship and leadership.


Generate spaces for personal and professional growth and improvement; Within everyone's reach. That allow to raise the standards of quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the productive processes and of the social relations between the individuals.


To be a benchmark in Latin America in consulting and training for people and companies. Achieving a positive impact on the lives of 1 million people through our services and products.


• Service
• Professionalism
• Passion
• Humility
• Innovation

Objectives for 2022:


Create an editorial that promotes topics of personal and professional development.


Carry out more than 10 personal development events.


Prepare more than 10 training programs with a high quality standard.


Transform the lives of more than 1000 people.